Mindfulness in the Classroom


Google “Mindfulness in the Classroom” and a plethora of resources will be at your fingertips. There is so much information about mindfulness out there that it can be tricky to figure out where to begin. The most common feedback I hear from classroom teachers is that they get overwhelmed by this information overload and end up doing nothing. Hopefully the material on this page will give you a starting point.

Upcoming Mindfulness Courses

A Mindful Approach to Teaching

Audience: K-12 Educators

Dates & Time: Thursdays: September 27th, October 4th, 18th, 25th November 1st 4:00PM– 7:00PM

Location: TEC Professional Learning Center, East Walpole

Cost: $275 TEC Members / $320 Non-TEC Members

Course Description: We are in the midst of a mindfulness revolution. Businesses are offering classes for their workers, health care providers are recommending its practice to their patients, and now educators are discovering the benefits of integrating mindfulness in their classrooms. The school day is filled with numerous internal and external distractions for students, teachers, and other school-based professionals. Noticing when these interruptions in the day arise and being able to redirect one’s attention to the task at hand is an important skill for students and teachers alike. Research has proven that when young people learn to be more present and less anxious, they often find they can pay attention better and improve the quality of their performance. Teachers, too, can improve their practice when they are more focused and able to put aside distractions. The course will introduce participants to the basic principles of mindfulness and some simple techniques that teachers can use with their students and for their own practice.

Mindfulness in the Classroom: Advanced Teaching Concepts

Audience: K - 8 classroom teachers, specialists, learning center teachers;  many of the concepts can be adapted to 9 - 12 and the instructor will customize based on the make up of the class

Dates & Time: Saturdays: September 29th & October 30th 9:00AM-3:00PM

Location: EDCO Collaborative, 36 Middlesex Turnpike Bedford, MA 01730

Cost: $195 EDCO Members / $245 Non-EDCOMembers

In the meantime, where do I start?

Start very small, with action that is sustainable over time. 2­-3 minutes daily is better than one 20 minute weekly session. There are tiny pockets of time throughout each school day when you can encourage or remind students to return to their breath. 

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What’s a good book to read to my class?


Mindful Monkey, Happy Panda Written by Lauren Alderfer, Illustrated by Kerry Lee MacLean

Someday Written by Eileen Spinelli, Illustrated by Rosie Winstead

What Does It Mean To Be Present? Written by Rana DiOrio, Illustrated by Eliza Wheeler

**For a complete list of my favorite mindfulness resources, download my MINDFULNESS IN THE CLASSROOM RESOURCES**

Do I need to meditate in order to teach my students how to be mindful?

It will certainly help! As teachers, we lead by example. If you have your own (formal or informal) mindfulness practice, you will be able to speak to its benefits much more authentically. If your students witness you taking a few calming breaths in the midst of the chaos that envelopes most school days, they are more likely to try it themselves. You never know when something you say or do is going to stick with a child, or be the thing that he or she remembers about you or shares with his or her family that night.

If we wish to create a lasting peace we must begin with the children.
— Mahatma Gandhi