I have known Tracy for several years now, and I've had the pleasure to watch her grow tremendously as a teacher into one of the best!  I have taken many many yoga classes over the last 20 years, and her class is one I do my best to never miss. I have a small child, and the one night of the week that I am able to go out is always at Tracy's Thursday evening class.

Tracy has the most calming, caring, and unique way of teaching a yoga class, and I look forward to her class all week. Her flows are always extremely challenging for experienced yogis, but she is able to guide people new yogis at the same time. I have a very chaotic week staying at home with my toddler- the calmest I feel all week is in Tracy's class. I highly recommend her class if you have not tried it yet. Best in Boston!❤      

-Ali Barton, Yoga teacher & student

We looked forward to our yoga sessions with Tracy so much. She had the ability to completely change our moods with the practice! She’s expert at what she does. She had a very relatable style of teaching. Her voice was so calming and she gave us great and descriptive, on point cues — which was so helpful since it had been a while since we had done yoga, we could have done it in the dark. My favorite part of it all were the adjustments she made when we were in our poses, they helped us go deeper into the poses and know that we were using the correct form ­ they made all the difference. I felt like a new person every time we were done with our sessions with Tracy. Mostly, she was also such a positive and cheerful presence. You would never have known if Tracy was having a bad day as she was always bright and positive and in a good mood.
Tara C. 


Yoga is one of the things I look forward to in the week. Tracy is always very nice and caring. Also as a teacher she has a lot of patience. She is very passionate about yoga. Tracy made me develop so much interest in yoga and I always look forward to seeing her every week. Tracy makes every single class unique, interesting, and really fun. I don’t think I would have enjoyed yoga as much if she wasn’t my teacher.
-Sita (age 11)

I love doing yoga with Tracy. She is always nice and calm. She always helps me when I am stuck in a yoga pose. She is so kind.        
-Sia (age 8)